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Liberals unleash hater-ade on ‘stupid rednecks’ who voted for Mark Sanford!/RCdeWinter/status/331931074642984960

Mark Sanford appears to be cruising to an easy victory over Elizabeth Colbert Busch in South Carolina District 1’s special congressional election.  Though the district is a Republican stronghold, Democrats considered the race winnable because of Sanford’s marital woes. Liberals aren’t happy, and some of them are taking it out on South Carolina voters.

SC has got to be the most idiotic state to elect a lying SOB. Fuck SC’s damn shithead voters. Fucking idiots!!!!

— wes long (@WesWeslong) May 8, 2013

Why the fuck was Mark Sanford elected? Nothin but dumbass ppl in SC.

— Brianna Johnson (@justbri223) May 8, 2013

Mark Sanford won. SC, you scare the fuck out of me.

— Closer to Far(@PrepareAFace) May 8, 2013

horrible news out of South Carolina: looks like that scumbag Sanford’s gonna win…what the fuck is wrong w/SC voters??

— HOPE from nyc (@nycHope) May 8, 2013

@richbolen fuck SC

— Snniw Air (@TheYankeei3) May 8, 2013

@scandaloushussy SC is a bunch of losers.

— KGNSMITH (@KGN_13) May 8, 2013

Also—->>> RT @rare_king: There’s a lot of women in South Carolina voting for Mark Sanford…. SC republican women are freaks.

— Thundercleese (@RARE_KING) May 8, 2013

Mark Sanford fuckin won? South Carolina aint shit, and they deserve everything they get from that douchebag! #p2

— RiPPa (@RippDemUp) May 8, 2013

S.C. is the laughing stock among the states, to elect someone like Mark Sanford is the biggest joke of the year. What losers!

— Shirley Fisher (@safish57) May 8, 2013

Fuck South Carolina. (Sanford will.)

— Joan (@LibertyBelleJ) May 8, 2013

Holy shit. Mark Sanford won? WTF is wrong with the people of South Carolina?

— Nicole Sandler (@nicolesandler) May 8, 2013

So much h8. Sigh.


The hater-ade is still flowing:

I want to move. Fuck SC and all of the assholes in it.

— Ciawaaaaa ❤ (@Skyrilium_) May 8, 2013


— اندو ريكس-M’Masi (@RxREX_) May 8, 2013

What the Fuck. South Carolina, you asshats deserve to get robbed blind by corrupt politicians. Fucking numbskulls. Baffling.

— _ (@so_then_i_said) May 8, 2013


— Son of a Baker, #duh (@S_O_BAKER) May 8, 2013

South Carolina can go fuck itself!

— Richard Louis (@CitywideMSVP) May 8, 2013

South Carolina can’t find a fuck in a brothel

— Optimus Fine(@AlphaQueer) May 8, 2013

Can we just nuke South Carolina? Kill it with fire at least???

— Isaac (@LandoHalfelven) May 8, 2013

SC just elected a national joke to represent us in Congress. But we will all pay for this choice together. Thanks, rednecks. #SC01

— Katie Norris (@nardkat) May 8, 2013

You could put a mass murderer with an R beside their name and win the South Carolina election. #tcot #p2#trailerparkboys

— Keith M. (@ksecus) May 8, 2013

Did you people forget?South Carolina voters gave us Jim Demint.What the hell would you expect from these backward redneck morons?#tcot

— Mikey (@MeikeeyWill) May 8, 2013

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