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‘Epic butt tweet’! AP Boston has a ragin’ case of the Mondays; Update: Tweet deleted!/pokeyberlin/status/422769508277702656

This could be huge, you guys:!/AP_Boston/status/422768371474890752

It’s gonna take us a minute to collect ourselves. So enjoy this mockery in the meantime:!/MetroBosMike/status/422768907988910080!/SteveHuff/status/422769435829882880!/YourAnonNews/status/422770251453837312!/MerylWinslow/status/422770534276153344!/harej/status/422769863640489984!/GarrettQuinn/status/422769612170612736


Duly noted.



Guess it was just a “glitch”:!/AP_Boston/status/422806670733889537

Oh well. Good thing Twitchy is forever!

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