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This Hunky Quartet Will Give You A New Reason To Love Classical Music

1. Meet the all-male (and all gay) string quartet Well-Strung:

2. They may be easy on the eyes…

3. … but they also have serious talent.

4. These 20-somethings, all from musical backgrounds, formed their own quartet just under a year ago:

5. The boys put their own spin on the music of Mozart, Vivaldi, and popular top 40 hits.

Scott Henrichsen / Via

6. Because a cross-over between Kelly Clarkson and Mozart is exactly what your missing in your life.


7. Let’s meet the band.

8. Violinist Edmund Bagnelli:

9. Cellist Daniel Shevlin:

10. Violist Trevor Wadleigh:

11. Oh, and this guy with the biceps is second violinist Christopher Marchant:

12. You could argue he is the hunkiest of the group:

13. Violin must be a wonderful arm workout:

14. He also has a serious coffee addiction:

15. Not that any one is complaining:

16. Did we mention they all sing as well?

18. They started out in Provincetown, MA, but soon sold out shows in New York City.

19. Now the group will be traveling across the country spreading their beautiful music.

20. Now, listen to them turn Britney Spears into a symphony classic:

Read more about the boys on their website.

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