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Goldfish Has Surgery To Remove Tumor And Is Expected To Live Another 20 Years (Photos)


Pet owners struggle with the speed at which their beloved animals age. We expect the dilemmas that come with the care of cats and dogs, but what about goldfish?

George the goldfish is a 10-year-old family pet who has been suffering from a large tumor in his head.

Veterinarian Dr. Tristan Rich of Melbourne, Australia, performed a $200 micro-surgery on the dying animal. First, the team placed George into a bucket filled with anesthetic.

Operators then ran a tube with oxygenated anesthetic up to George’s mouth, ensuring that it continued to run over the fish’s gills during the procedure.

Rich removed the tumor and stopped bleeding with a sponge. Because the wound was so large, the expert exotic animal vet was forced to give George four stitches.

George was then placed into a recovery tank where staff injected him with painkillers and antibiotics, making sure the fish could swim properly.

Melbourne’s Lort Smith Animal Hospital posted images from the surgery to Facebook, congratulating Rich for aiding the little fish.

Rich is opening the door for other surgeons, finding unlikely ways to care for patients, whether they have scales or skin.

And as for George, he has another 20 years to enjoy.

George receives anesthetic.


The goldfish goes under the knife.


George’s tumor is on the left, just after removal.


The beloved pet is ready for recovery.


Get well soon, George.


H/T: Buzzfeed, Photos Courtesy: Lort Smith

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