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How Not to Deal with Car Engine Fire (Video)

How Not to Deal with Car Engine FireHow Not to Deal with Car Engine Fire

Shawn Prince is 23 years old and for his first car project he decided to build a Mazda Miata drift car powered by a Chevy 350 engine. Until everything went wrong.

First the engine wouldn’t start, then it caught fire. He tried to extinguish it by killing fuel and spark and turning the engine over so it would suck the fire back into the engine. That didn’t work. Then he attempted blowing on the flames. No luck. In the confusion he managed to spill gasoline on the floor, spreading the fire around the garage. Finally he put it out with a garden hose. He didn’t have a fire extinguisher.

Shawn is lucky to be alive, but he did suffer 1st and 2nd degree burns all over his left arm and leg. Shawn’s employer doesn’t provide health insurance, so if you want to help him out you can do it here.

via Jalopnik

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