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The Way This Redditor Comments Is Frickin’ Ridiculicious


In the past couple of days, an anonymous commenter has risen to the top of Reddit popularity by finding an unusual way to reply to comments…with pancakes.

The user, who obviously goes by CommentIsPancake, remains a mystery other than the pancaked path he or she left on one particular post…

2) A post that has since taken over the Internet.
3) And with that comment, a Reddit storm was cooked up.
4) Giving an opinion on musical instruments.
5) And serving as a motivational speaker…
6) And his thoughts on your Christmas present selection?
7) Well…
8) And then the comments weren’t about the dog post, but about this mystery pancake commenter.
9) There were questions, of course.
10) That depends…
11) And from someone who didn’t read the comment above…
12) Dearest SoullessGiraffe:
13) There were theories on the process:
14) They started to incite hunger…
15) There were concerns.
16) Amazement….
17) And critiques.
18) But in the end, among the mystery, there was love.
After all, who doesn’t love pancakes?

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