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‘Anybody left at OFA?’ Ted Cruz handles hecklers brilliantly, zings VP!/IsaacDovere/status/388662126039928832

Funny ’cause it’s oh-so-true.

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit this morning, it only took Sen. Ted Cruz “three words” (by the VP’s count) to draw chuckles from the crowd: Joe Biden.!/CharlesTassell/status/388662476470231040

And then there were the hecklers:!/mboyle1/status/388665104348487680!/mboyle1/status/388665256966623232

But they were no match for Cruz. Bless. Their. Hearts.

This is how it’s done:!/amandacarpenter/status/388664487500197888!/amandacarpenter/status/388664720888057856!/IsaacDovere/status/388665476513300480!/amandacarpenter/status/388665369314877441

An Obamacare-level flop for the hecklers and a win for Cruz.!/dcseth/status/388664546971222017!/mboyle1/status/388666602272874497

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