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Who Should You Kill?

Decide who to murder with this handy quiz.

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Who Should You Kill?

  1. You got: Inhibitions

    You should kill your inhibitions. You’ve been holding back for too long! Let your true self come shining through and stop worrying what everyone else thinks. You’re the only one stopping yourself from leading the life you truly want to live.

  2. You got: Insecurities

    You should kill your insecurities. You have to take risks in life if you ever want to accomplish your goals. Remember, the key to any success is confidence. Stop letting your insecurities hold you back and murder them in cold blood.

  3. You got: Inner Demons

    You should kill your inner demons. If you find yourself tormented by the inner demons of self doubt, it’s time to vanquish them. Believe in yourself! You can do even more than you give yourself credit for.

  4. You got: Fear

    You should kill your fear. Fear is the one thing that’s holding you back in life, stopping you from reaching your dreams. Murder your fear in cold blood and finally become the person you’ve been waiting so long to be.

  5. You got: You should not kill anyone

    You should not kill anyone. Murder is a serious crime. Don’t do it!

  6. You got: Negativity

    You should kill your negativity. It’s time to cut down on the negative comments about both others and yourself. Try to focus on the positive. See if you can lift your mood by murdering your negativity in cold blood.


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