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Time To Panic! Restaurants Will Soon Display Calorie Counts On Drinks

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Sometimes, you get an insatiable urge for a fishbowl margarita. It happens to all of us.

Although it’s within your rights to order one, new FDA-mandated alcohol calorie counts may stop you in your tracks by eliminating the willful blindness that comes with ordering a delicious, indulgent drink.

Here’s why: By next November, chains with 20 or more restaurants will be legally required to print calorie figures for each drink in their menus.

However, there are a few key loopholes. The Associated Press reports mixed drinks served at the bar won’t be labeled, and neither will beer in bottles or cans.

Wine with more than 14 percent alcohol by volume need only list that one fact, along with known allergens like dyes or sulfites.

Healthy-living warriors say understanding the caloric impact of alcohol consumption may help those who drink understand exactly how alcohol affects their weight.

Rather than ordering a 1,100-calorie TGI Friday’s Frozen Mudslide, for example, they may choose a glass of red wine.

Margaret Hamburg, FDA commissioner, says Americans eat and drink at least a third of their calories away from home.

So, in the eyes of the FDA, it makes sense to instill good habits.

Bye-bye, cocktail happy hour.

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