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Mom’s invention lets disabled children walk upright, play with their families [pics & video]

A mother in Israel whose child’s disability prevented them from walking set about inventing a solution that would allow the child to participate as fully as possible in family life, even when family life involved walking or playing sports.

The result of her creative efforts is the Upsee, a harness that connects the child to an adult and allows the child’s body to move almost like natural walking. It is now in mass production and will be available worldwide next month.

Upsee Harness - 02

Upsee Harness - 01

Upsee Harness - 04

Upsee Harness - 05

Upsee Harness - 06

Upsee Harness - 07

The inventor says of her new product,

Out of my pain and desperation came the idea for the Upsee and I’m delighted to see it come to fruition.

A Colorado mom who now uses it with her 5-year-old son who has cerebral palsy says,

It allows us to do so many things and go so many places that we couldn’t before…

He laughs and giggles, something he doesn’t do with other walking devices, which he sees as work.

And a mom in Northern Ireland was overjoyed to see the Upsee used to let her boy play soccer with his dad and brother for the first time…

(via Huffington Post)

For reviews of the new product…please see these kids’ faces…

Upsee Harness - 03

Learn more at Firefly Friends.

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4 comments for “Mom’s invention lets disabled children walk upright, play with their families [pics & video]

  1. mrs t edwards
    November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    h ow do I get hold one for my five year old son thank u would love more information looking forward to hearing from u

  2. Lagene
    November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Fantastic! Wonderful aparatus to bring freedom & togetherness to these special children! God bless you!

  3. Coolchick207
    November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Hi Mrs T Edwards! The UpSee looks like it will be available from www dot fireflyfriends dot com from the 7th of April. Wishing you and your son all the best! Regards, Coolchick

  4. Olive10
    November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This is exactly what I need for my 2.5 year old daughter who is not walking yet! She has had every test imaginable to try to find out why but everything has come back normal and we have been told that she will do it when she wants. She crawls and pulls up to knees but won’t pull up to stand on her feet. Every time we try to get her on her feet, she pulls them up into a froggy position mid air. It’s like she’s afraid to put them on the ground. I’m willing to try anything to help her, so long as it isn’t painful or scary for her, and I think this might be just what she needs! I’m order as soon as it is available! THANK YOU for your innovation, creativity, passion and dedication to help our children find their own happiness!

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