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This ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theory Makes Too Much Sense To Not Be True

*If you really need telling that a fan theory article talks about the plot of a show, you deserve to have Stranger Things spoiled for you. Nonetheless, there ARE spoilers in this article!*

Now, after I finished watching Stranger Things (and I’m the sure it was the same with you), I was left with a load of questions. Questions like what happened to Eleven? Is the monster still alive? Am I legally allowed to fancy Nancy? Why does no-one give a shit about Barb?

But, after hearing this fan theory, a few of my niggling doubts have been answered (not the last two, but still). I’ll explain…


ELEVEN AND THE MONSTER ARE THE SAME THING! OK I know what you’re thinking, “oh right the hero is the bad guy… again. Pass” but hear the theory out.


After all of her psychological torture and fear, Eleven’s emotions manifested themselves as a monster in her mind. After all, when we see Eleven and the monster come face to face for the first time, it’s not in the awful mirror world that Will is hiding in, it’s in a totally black space. Her mind.

When plotting to kill the monster, the boys named it The Demogorgon – a two headed beast that’s basically the worst thing in Dungeons and Dragons. Although it’s one andthe same creature, both heads have independent consciousness and hate each other. One is brutish and murderous (like the monster) and the other is smart and devious (like Eleven). If the heads could kill each other, they would – however, they know that, if one of them dies, they both die which is why both Eleven and the monster disappear when she kills it.


And then there’s the comic book reference. In the first few minutes of the first episode, Will shouts that he’s going to take Dustin’s X-Men #134. In this particular issue, the crazy-powerful mutant, JeanGrey (whose powers are very similar to Eleven’s) suffers as she battles with the evil being inside of her which already sounds familiar. Furthermore, once Jeanexpels said deity, she pins it toa wall with her powers… like Eleven does.


And although the bad guy inside of Jeanwasn’t a part of her, we see that Eleven and the Demogorgon are connected when she reaches out her arm and it mirrors her.


Last of all, Eleven says “The gate… I opeend it. I’m the monster”. While she may be saying that she’s a monster for allowing the Demogorgon to run free, Eleven isn’t really clued up on conversation, let alone metaphors. Everything she says is on face value.

So there you have it. If you want to hear all of that whilst being accompanied by some nice drawings, watch this video…

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