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Community Post: “30 Rock” Ice Cream Flavors We Wish Were Real

1. “Good God Lemon Meringue”

2. “Jenna Maroney’s Marshmellow Muffin Tops”

3. “Tracy Jordan’s Pecan Persona”

4. “Jack Donaghy’s Top Notch ButterSCOTCH”

5. “Kenneth Parcell’s Clean Cut Custard”

6. “Cerie’s Chocolate and Cherry Bon Bons”

7. “Dippin Dot Coms”

8. Grizz’s Gelato

9. “Angie’s graHAMn Cracker Crunch”

10. “Chocolate HAZELnut Wassername”

11. “Dennis’ Yummy Dummy De Leche”

12. “Colleen’s Irish Cream Coffee”

13. “Double fudge Dealbreaker”

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