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The Line To Return Ray Rice Jerseys Is Longer Than The Line For The iPhone 6 (Photos)


The Baltimore Ravens held a Ray Rice jersey exchange at M&T Bank Stadium this morning.

Every fan who showed up with an official team jersey with the number 27 and Rice’s signage on the back was allowed to get a new replica jersey of any new Ravens player he or she wanted.

The Ravens decided to do the right thing and avoid any outrage by offering the special deal, no questions asked, and hundreds of fans took them up on the offer.

The turnout was way more than expected, especially considering the deal was offered on the same morning as the iPhone 6’s release. It’s even more surprising to see this many Ray Rice fans actually existed in the first place.


Of course, many people went for the Joe Flacco and Terrell Suggs jerseys, but there were also plenty of Steve Smith Sr. sightings, as well as some Ray Lewis jerseys, exchanged from beyond retirement.


In the end, it was certainly the right thing for the Ravens to do, as they look forward and try to move past this mess.


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