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The First Trailer For The All New ‘Top Gear’ Is Here

Wow. I didn’t even know that they were filming this. It turns out Chris Evans AND Matt Le Blanc are now presenting Top Gear. WTF happened to Clarkson?

There’s a sentence you won’t be hearing anywhere else today.

There’s not exactly been ‘hype’ around the new Top gear lineup. It’s been more like a negative frenzy, with Chris Evans in particular being hit with plenty of the backlash from angry Jeremy Clarkson fans who felt that he shouldn’t have been fired for punching a coworker in the face.

Well, it’s finally here…almost. The BBC have released a one minute trailer ahead of the shows release this May. The old Top gear was awesome, there is no doubting that, and this one faces a tall order to come anywhere close to it, but, I for one, will be watching and giving it a chance. Why not?

Matt Le Blanc looks fun eh?

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