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Romney family prepares for debate … with game of Jenga; haters hate!/dgjackson/status/253653386610753536

D.G. Jackson is Mitt Romney’s personal aide and “body man.” He tweeted a fun photo of the Romney family backstage before the Denver debate calming their nerves with a game of Jenga. It takes a steady hand!

Amazing how much hate and derision a game of Jenga can generate. Geez:

If Romney implodes, expect a reporter to use a Jenga metaphor in their lede.

— jasoncherkis (@jasoncherkis) October 4, 2012

Romney preps for the #DenverDebate w/ a little Jenga. Insert joke about something wooden collapsing under pressure here

— Andrew Romano (@AndrewRomano) October 4, 2012

RT With the skeletons of puppies | Reuters photograph: Romney family plays Jenga moments before the first presidential debate

— Radio Free Bronx (@RadioFreeBronx) October 4, 2012

This nigga Mitt Romney done tweeted a pic of him playing Jenga. JENGA, Nigga? Practicing for the very fabric of reality, huh?

— Donnie McLURKin (@TruthWayne) October 4, 2012

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