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Woman Loses Home After Not Being Notified Of $94.85 In Unpaid Taxes


Xui Lui is losing her home in Norcross, Georgia over a city tax bill she never received. It was mailed to her home with an incomplete address and later returned to the sender.

On November 25, Lui and her 4-year-old daughter will be homeless.

Lui’s condo will be repossessed over a grand total of $94.85, the amount owed from the badly-addressed bill.

Lui paid all of her taxes for the other years she has lived in the home. Until last week, she was allegedly never alerted she needed to pay anything.

Neighbors are helping Lui find a lawyer, hoping legal support will prevent her from having to move out. Unfortunately, her property has already been sold.

Lui believes what’s happening to her is equivalent to theft. She said,

Someone can rob your house? Rob your property? This is not American style, right?

Rudolph Smith, the city manager of Norcross, told local press the city is trying to reexamine the situation and “work something out” with the contractors who conducted the sale of the condo.

Lui claims city officials have even admitted the errors to her.

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