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Where Should You Retire?

Because no one wants to spend their golden years in some boring old place.

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Where Should You Retire?

  1. You got: Florida

    A classic, just like you. You want things to be simple and comfortable after you’ve retired, and the Floridian sunshine is the best place to make that happen. You may have a knack for keeping things traditional, but you know what you like and aren’t afraid to stick with it. Whether in Sarasota, Boca, or Key West, the laid-back Floridian life is for you.

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  2. You got: The Alps

    There aren’t many adventures you missed during your working days, and the Alps are the perfect place to ensure that the adventures keep coming in retirement. Of course, you still want to keep things comfortable in your old age, so find your own luxurious chalet and start enjoying the rest of your life!

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  3. You got: Tokyo

    You’re an intriguing contradiction of a person — energetic yet reserved, colorful yet tranquil. Tokyo is the perfect place for you to indulge both sides of your personality, with its bright lights of skyscrapers that give way to the calm of ancient temples. You don’t want to live an ordinary life after you retire, and Tokyo is just quirky enough to keep you entertained through your golden years.

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  4. You got: Bora Bora

    Some sun, some sand, and a far-flung locale all come together to create your perfect retirement destination. Retirement is when you want to get away from it all, and Bora Bora provides that for you. You like things to be relaxed and laid-back, so there’s really no better option!

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  5. You got: Mexico

    Mexico is already renowned as a destination for luxurious and relaxing vacations, so why not make that your full-time reality? You want to live a comfortable life alongside beautiful scenery and friendly people, and Mexico is the perfect place to do that. With a passion and flair for life, you’ll truly be able to thrive in the warm Mexican sun.

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  6. You got: Southern Spain

    You need more than just pure relaxation to keep you happy, which is why you need to get yourself to the south of Spain. Yes, you can lounge around at the beaches along the coast, but you can also partake in the cosmopolitan life in cities like Seville. You’re a huge culture-vulture, wanting to soak in all that the rest of the world has to offer. Why not try Spain?

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  7. You got: Santorini

    The quintessential Greek island, Santorini is calling your name. You can go swimming in the clear waters, explore the narrow streets of the island’s small towns, or just relax and stare out at the white and blue houses dotting the landscape. You don’t require all the trappings of the big city to enjoy life. With simplicity and community, Santorini has everything you need.

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  8. You got: Scandinavia

    Everyone else can flock to the beach for retirement — you know that Scandinavia is where you truly belong. Its hip, chic urban centers call your name, providing you with the most cosmopolitan of existences. At the same time, you’ll get all the benefits of having your own cozy haven in which to take refuge. It might not be conventional, but then again — neither are you.

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  9. You got: Austin, Texas

    Howdy, there! You’re a bit of a rebel, a bit of an artist, and a bit of an explorer all rolled into one. Austin is the perfect place for you to indulge in everything you’ve always wanted, a rockin’ refuge in the midst of the Texas desert. It may be a bit unconventional, but so are you. And that’s why you two will go perfectly together when you retire.

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  10. You got: Cape Cod

    You’ve got a love of relaxing by the beach, but aren’t willing to compromise the refined luxury that you’ve come to love in your life — and Cape Cod is the perfect place to mix the two. A classic destination, the Cape offers stunning scenery and the small-town vibe you feel most comfortable in. And for everyone who thinks your retired life on the Cape is stodgy and boring, just take them up to Provincetown and prove how eclectic, energetic, and diverse the Cape truly is.

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  11. You got: Costa Rica

    Retirement is the perfect time to get away from it all, and Costa Rica is the premiere destination for you to get back in touch with the natural world. Whether in the rainforest or on the beach, you’ll find yourself amid some of the most stunning wildlife, flora, and fauna you’ll ever see. Retirement gives you the chance to get back to basics and truly enjoy nature. And where better to do that than Costa Rica?

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  12. You got: The Caribbean

    You want to experience the rhythm of drums, the taste of freshly caught fish, and bright colors and personalities everywhere you look. So why not try the Caribbean? It’s the perfect destination to spend your later years relaxing, with both a beach-y laid-back lifestyle along the island coasts and a jolt of energetic pizzazz in the cities and towns. You may be retired, but you don’t need to stop having fun. And that’s why you should go to the Caribbean.



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