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A 60 Pound Pit Bull Named Roxy Changes A Familys Life Forever

You might think that a pit bull and child living with autism don’t have much in common, but that is not the case for Joey and Roxy. Joey was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of 7. As he grew older, his mother worried that he would never have anyone to connect with. When Joey became a teenager, he had trouble making friends in school, so he asked his mom for a dog. Happy to help, Joey’s mom searched high and low for the perfect pet. That’s when Roxy showed up. 

Roxy is a 60-pound pit bull rescue. Just like Joey, Roxy suffered through a painful and lonely life. The two bonded immediately and have since become inseparable. Growing a connection with a dog has helped Joey develop more socially and become less aloof. Together they are fighting the stigma that comes with autism and the breed of pit bulls. 

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