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17 Animals Who Just Found Out Columbus Was Actually A Terrible Person

1. “He did WHAT to the Native Americans??”

2. “Get. the fuck. out.”

3. “But…we learned in school that he was a great guy? My whole life as an American has been a lie.”

4. “We can’t believe we celebrate a monster and NOBODY TOLD US.”

5. “I always thought something was weird about saying he ‘discovered’ land that humans were already inhabiting.”

6. “Be cool, calm down. It’s just one disappointment.”

7. “He brutally murdered people and then paraded their parts in the streets? You get mad when I show off a bird I caught.”

8. “He sounds like an idiot. We celebrate an idiot.”


10. “I’m just so sad.”

11. “Well this is an embarrassing Halloween costume now.”

12. “She said she liked Christopher Columbus so I’m showing her a PG version of what he did.”

13. “I’m rethinking this whole American pride thing now.”

14. “I thought biological warfare was relatively modern.”

15. “But he’s my namesake!”

16. “But some sailors are good right? I’ve been practicing my whole life.”

17. “He sounds like a real asshole.”

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