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This 20-Year-Old Who Left School With No GCSE’s Is Now Worth A Lot Of Money

Everyone has a story of a person from your school days whose life after you all left education has formed some kind of mythical legend.

At my school there was the guy who spent his whole time banging on about golf, and could never get too drunk at parties because he always had golf practice (?!) the next day, but is now actually a pro golfer and making millions of pounds. And another lad, who got into all sorts of scrapes and is now in some Peruvian prison – genuinely sad times.

We imagine that this guy, 20-year-old Jordan Daykin, is the talk of his old schoolfriends after a simple invention he created to help his Granddad put up a curtain rail has made him worth 10 million…

Jordan, who left school at 13 with no qualifications, designed GripIt Fixings – a simple plaster boarding fixture that helps to secure things like railings and shelves to the wall.

After coming up with the invention in his Grandad’s shed, Jordan went on Dragon’s Den in 2014 and gained an 80,000 investment. He told The Daily Mail:

“For me the best things about all I have achieved so far is seeing my granddad’s face light up each day when I tell him what’s new, and the sense of achievement we get looking out onto his garden shed where it all happened.”

He sounds like an absolute legend!

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