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Woman Takes Yoga To The Streets Of NYC, Paris And Madrid (Photos)

Anja HumljanAnja Humljan

Anja Humljan

Yoga is a great way to get in shape and clear your mind, and you don’t need equipment, so you can pretty much do it anywhere.

If there’s one person who knows this, it’s Anja Humljan.

When Humljan isn’t working as an architect, she’s busy teaching yoga and dancing.

Her newest endeavor, The Urban Yoga, is a visual series that explores the connection between the human body, architectural structures and different urban scenes.

As Humljan traveled to various cities for work, she collaborated with different photographers including Emilio P. Doiztua in Madrid, Jaka Vinšek in New York City and Antoine Le Grand in Paris.

Each photographer captured a different perspective of the body’s relationship to the environment as Humljan seamlessly blended into the city surroundings by twisting herself into a variety of complex, captivating poses.

But the project was about more than just perfecting her poses as she passed through cities.

All of the photographs in her series serve as a means to analyze space potential, thus adding a “subconscious sensory experience” to the way space is viewed. Humljan wants viewers to reflect on how their cities feel.

According to Humljan,

The Urban Yoga is not yoga as such. It is an architectural experiment changing the way we experience every day situations in an urban environment by focusing on our body and senses.

Take a look at the images below to see Humljan’s visual series.

Crosswalk signs are the perfect place to strike a pose.


Who needs a barista when you have a yoga instructor?


Posing on a few poles.


Hanging out on the Highline.


Swinging from some scaffolding.


Stretching in the subway.


Look, no hands!


Slam dunk.


Bending in the bathtub.


Yoga makes moving day much more fun.


Striking a pose in the stream.


Blending in with the buildings.


Meditating by the mantle.


Sliding down the stairs.



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