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Man Finds An Entire Colony Of Bees In His Truck

Car problems are the worst. I recently had to take my car to the shop and it was nightmare. Everything is so expensive and you have to always be aware of what is happening or else you might get ripped off. I have experienced tire problems, AC problems and most everything else, but I have never experienced the problem featured in this video.

This man had just driven his old International Harvester Scout truck from Houston to Jacksonville. When he got to his destination, he noticed there was something a bit off with his car. After looking things over for a bit, he decided to take a panel off of his truck. It was then that he found something truly shocking. His decades old truck was hiding an entire colony of bees. Thousands of them had made their home inside this man’s truck. If you have any fear of bees, this would be your very worst nightmare. 

Luckily, the man who owned the truck didn’t panic. He was able to get rid of all the bees non-lethally. The entire colony was transported to a new hive where they were able to live in peace. The bees accessed the truck through holes made by rust in the exterior of the car. Both the bees and the truck lived happily ever after. Next time you notice something wrong with your car, remember the bees.

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