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‘Fishy’: Suspicions mount after bizarre Malaysia PM’s #MH370 revelations!/dhammicmarxist/status/444825116988276737!/IntrospctvThnkr/status/444825458664677378!/Libang_libu/status/444825989223182336

If you missed the Malaysian prime minister’s press conference updating the world on the missing MH370 airliner, you missed a doozy.!/michellemalkin/status/444726653265006592

Among other things, Najib Razak confirmed that Malaysia’s primary military radar had indeed detected the plane shortly after civilian radars lost its presence:!/staronline/status/444789555086888961

Razak confirmed that the actions taken to turn off the plane’s responders were “deliberate,” but wouldn’t go on record calling it a hijacking, as an anonymous government official had done earlier.!/airchive/status/444817451709366272

Razak also revealed that the last satellite contact with the plane was on Saturday at around 8am in the morning — meaning it was flying for seven hours after losing contact with air traffic controllers.!/SANGETHAJ/status/444724225484800000

The Malaysian government ended operations in the South China Sea and with 15 countries assisting, the search has moved to the Indian Ocean.!/unlede/status/444722628058947584

The PM refused to answer questions, raising eyebrows around the world.!/RachelleMathis/status/444722772754059265!/sharaff/status/444749368298856448!/ZafJam/status/444828769258594304!/jpdiyco/status/444755671951499265

Twitchy will update as news develops. One thing’s for sure: The passengers and their families need continued prayers.!/FizzaRahman/status/443975386360053760

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