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Which Movie BFFs Are You And Your Best Friend?

I’ll be there for you.

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Which Movie BFFs Are You And Your Best Friend?

  1. You got: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    You’re Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! You’re each other’s partner-in-crime. You’d probably take a bullet for your best friend and vice versa. Sure, you have your issues, but in the end, where you go, your best friend goes, come hell or high water.

    20th Century Fox

  2. You got: The Bash Brothers from “The Mighty Ducks”

    You’re the Bash Brothers! You always have each other’s back. You share a passion, probably a sport, and you both kick a lot of ass. You’re good on your own, but you’re even better as a team.

    Walt Disney

  3. You got: Harry and Lloyd from “Dumb and Dumber”

    You’re Harry and Lloyd! You two are basically brothers from another mother, or sisters from another mister. You’re completely inseparable and you’re comedy gold.

    New Line Cinema

  4. You got: Cher and Dionne from “Clueless”

    You’re Cher and Dionne! You’re basically best friends because you’re both named after ’70s pop stars and you know what it’s like to have people be jealous of you. But your friendship is real, through and through, and you probably have your own awesome hair flipping handshake.

    Paramount Pictures

  5. You got: Elliott and E.T. from “E.T.”

    You’re Elliott and E.T.! The two of you couldn’t be more different, but somehow you are still kindred spirits. Your friendship is so powerful it could span the galaxy, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Universal Pictures

  6. You got: Ed and Dexter from “Good Burger”

    You’re Ed and Dexter! You two probably do everything together — be it work or play. You stand up for each other when the bullies come around. You probably understand each other better than anyone.

    Nickelodeon Pictures

  7. You got: Harold and Kumar from “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle”

    You’re Harold and Kumar! You smoke together, but you also go on adventures together. From the outside, people might not understand your bond, but it’s OK. You guys can go to Guantanamo Bay and back, and still be best friends.

    New Line Cinemas

  8. You got: Jay and Silent Bob from “Clerks”

    You’re Jay and Silent Bob! The two of you are such good friends, you know what your best friend is thinking without even speaking. You can hang out, do nothing, and that’s just fine by you both. Your friendship is that comfortable and broken in.

    Dimension Films

  9. You got: Janice and Damien from “Mean Girls”

    You’re Janice and Damien! You’re both incredibly sassy and kind of the coolest kids around, which is why you’re best friends. You’re both highly entertaining to yourself, but even more so, to each other.

    SNL Studios

  10. You got: Andie and Duckie from “Pretty In Pink”

    You’re Andie and Duckie! Your best friendship is the result of an unrequited love turned platonic. One of you probably carried a torch for the other for years before you realized you make much better buds. And why not? You’re both incredibly quirky and you just get each other.

    Paramount Pictures

  11. You got: R2D2 and C3PO from “Star Wars”

    You’re R2D2 and C3PO! You’re so different and yet so complementary. Your best friend and you understand each other’s inner geek. You sometimes get into little spats, but whatever, you love each other as much as two androids possibly could.

    Lucas Films

  12. You got: Romy and Michelle from “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion”

    You’re Romy and Michelle! You two are absolutely hilarious together and quite frankly, everyone is jealous of how much fun your lives are. Your best friend has probably seen you at your craziest, and she accepts you anyway.

    Touchstone Pictures

  13. You got: Inspector Lee and James Carter from “Rush Hour”

    You’re Inspector Lee and James Carter! You’re an unlikely pair who is basically unstoppable as a team. It’s the two of you against the world, and somehow you are each other’s perfect foil. Also, you fight crime together.

    New Line Cinema

  14. You got: Seth and Evan from “Superbad”

    You’re Seth and Evan! You’re friends from babyhood and you’ve never been apart. A time may come where you have to learn how to stand on your own two feet, but no one, NO ONE, could replace your best friend in you heart. BOOP BOOP.

    Columbia Pictures

  15. You got: Thelma and Louise

    You’re Thelma and Louise! You’re two of the biggest badasses ever. You’d die together if you could. Also, neither of you would hesitate to put someone in their place if they messed with your best friend.


  16. You got: Woody and Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story”

    You’re Woody and Buzz! You might not have always known you’d be as tight as you are, but when all is said and done, you guys will have each other’s back. If your friend is ever in trouble, you would risk your neck to rescue him. That’s the kind of friendship you have.

    Walt Disney

  17. You got: Harry Burns and Sally Albright from “When Harry Met Sally”

    You’re Harry and Sally! The two of you value each other more than anyone else in your lives. You’re basically soul mates and should probably spare everyone else you’ve been dating some heartache and just get married already. You’

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