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He Was a Pastor, He Was Supposed to Be “Safe” to Marry…

She had never known divorce or pornography until she married a pastor.

“His heart and his mind were somewhere else besides with me…”

She wasthe “good girl” in school and the “good wife,” so marrying a good guy should instantly translate to happy ever after…right? ESPECIALLYa pastor. Unfortunately, Christina found out the harsh reality of Romans 3:23 when she was searching the computer and came across several pornographic sites.

As someone from a solid family growing up and having two parents who were still together and in a healthy marriage, this was a kind of betrayalChristina was experiencing for the first time. She was done. In her words she was “broken to the point that I could not break anymore.”

There was even a moment when she dreamed of revenge. She wanted to have an affair before leaving him, hoping to make him feel the same level of pain that she felt.

She was driving home to get her three kids and tell him that she was done, but as she went face to face with him, she felt something. She felt change. In this beautiful video she opens up about what it means to be restored and how God is the King at making broken things new.

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