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‘Come at me, bro’: Ted Cruz gives John McCain the ultimate death stare [pic]!/joshjonsmith/status/411155042666680320


If a normal picture’s worth a thousand words, this one is worth at least eleventy billion:!/dougmillsnyt/status/411153182228615168

Ladies and gentlemen, the death stare to end all death stares:!/ShaneGoldmacher/status/411154179436990465!/MicahGrimes/status/411164280554156032!/jbrianhouston/status/411153943851323392

Dude. McCain can’t even look at Cruz.!/jbrianhouston/status/411155989551775744

McCain’s is the face of a man who knows he’s licked. He doesn’t have a prayer.!/Bookwormdearlor/status/411161966674059264

McCain wouldn’t dare. All that weight he likes to throw around on the Senate floor? It isn’t worth a damn when Ted Cruz is around.!/hale_razor/status/411162061582774274

"You're wearing Old Spice to mock me, aren't you?"
"It's not for the elderly anymore, old man."— Padraig Cæl (@Peetweefish) December 12, 2013

Just back away slowly, Sen. McCain. Very slowly.!/redsteeze/status/411162733179318272

Aw, snap.



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