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Heroic Man Dies Trying To Save The 15 People Held Hostage In Sydney


The end of the Sydney hostage crisis was brought forth by a victim who gave his life in the process.

One of the 17 people held captive at the Lindt Cafe on Monday was 34-year-old Tori Johnson, the store’s manager since October 2012.

According to Yahoo! News, Johnson noticed that gunman Man Haron Monis had begun to fall asleep after holding the hostages in the cafe for about 16 hours.

Johnson saw this as his chance to take Monis down, so he engaged the extremist and tried to take his gun from him.

A shot was fired as the two wrestled for the weapon.

A sniper, who was covertly waiting amid a nearby news crew, was told to storm the cafe at the sound of a gunshot.

Police rushed in and exchanged gunfire with Monis, killing him.

Johnson and 38-year-old Katrina Dawson were also killed in the crossfire, though it’s not clear if they were shot dead by Monis or police.

The mother-of-three is being hailed as a hero as well because, according to Australia’s ABC News, she was fatally wounded while shielding her pregnant friend from the oncoming bullets.

Dawson, a highly respected lawyer, died in the hospital shortly after the siege came to a close at approximately 2:10 am Tuesday morning.

Her selfless act was successful, as neither her friend nor another pregnant hostage sustained any gunshot wounds.

The three female hostages who were shot are all reported to be in good condition.

British Prime Minister David Cameron expressed deep gratitude for Johnson and Dawson’s heroism.

Cameron said,

There are tales of extraordinary bravery and sacrifice that are now being told about what happened in that cafe, and I think that’s what we’d expect from the people of that remarkable and great country.

The crisis marked the first terrorist attack in Sydney in 35 years.

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