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News Presenter Is Being Applauded For His Powerful Message About How To Combat ISIS

He points out that taking credit for ‘DIY terrorists’, is what ISIS does, so that they appear: “bigger and tougher than they actually are.” Directly quoting the organisations monthly magazine, Waleed says that the below is ISIS’ aim:

So by claiming every single attack they appear to be ever growing, hiding the fact that last weekend, for example, they lost a significant amount of their territory. He claims that:

“this evil organisation have it in their heads that if they can make muslims the enemies of the west… that they will turn to ISIS… it’s both dumbfounding in it’s stupidity and bloodcurdling in it’s barbarity”.

But the strength of his message comes at the end of the video where he points out that by preaching hate against muslims, you’re only helping ISIS and their evil regime:

“If you’re preaching hate, you’re helping ISIS. If you’re someone with a Facebook account misfiring hate, you’re helping ISIL. They’ve told us that.”

He adds:

“We all need to come together… [because]right now, none of us wants to help these b*stards”.

You can watch the full video here:

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