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Which Festival Personality Are You?

  1. What is your drink of choice?
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    1. Snakebite

    2. Cider

    3. Wine

    4. Buckfasts. Tennents. Everything.

    5. Champagne

    6. Whatever you can smuggle in to the main arena beneath your shirt

    7. Water, to stave off deydration

    8. Lager

  2. And your drug of choice?

    1. Weed

    2. Mushrooms

    3. Mephedrone

    4. Laughing gas

    5. Poppers, from the legal highs store

    6. Ecstasy, obviously

    7. All of the above

  3. How will you be travelling?

    1. Cruise down in the Volvo

    2. Luxury Winnebago

    3. Car-share with mates

    4. Dropped off by mum/dad

    5. Camper van. Failing that, hitchhike

    6. Public transport

  4. Your radio station of choice?

    1. Radio 1

    2. 6 Music

    3. Kerrang!

    4. Radio 4

    5. Kiss

    6. Capital/Absolute

  5. What will you be wearing?

    1. Wellies, poncho

    2. Machine Head hoodie

    3. Mankini

    4. Morph suit

    5. Shirt with upturned collar/fancy dress

    6. Faded Nirvana T-shirt

    7. Sensible shoes

  6. How do you generally respond to live music?

    1. Remove shirt, gurn

    2. Throw the horns

    3. Mosh

    4. Generally go batshit mental

    5. Nod head, steeple fingers

    6. Dance

    7. Clap hands, whoop

  7. How would your ideal weekend be spent?

    1. Tripping balls, covered in mud

    2. Paying homage to the monsters of rock

    3. Enjoying a programme of cultural delights

    4. Getting smashed and rowdy

    5. Reaching for the lasers

    6. Discovering lots of new bands

    7. Getting drunk and sunburnt while watching Rizzle Kicks on the main stage

    8. Raiding the dressing up box

  8. What do you hope to experience?

    1. General LOLs

    2. ‘The Black Album’ in its entirety

    3. Dance with a warlock as the sun comes up

    4. Catch Ian McEwen in the literary tent

    5. Start drinking at 10am

    6. Engage in “top bants”

    7. See all your favourite bands

    8. An MDMA-fueled epiphany

  9. How old are you?

    1. 15-20

    2. 20-30

    3. 30-40

    4. 40+

  10. Your preferred genre of music?

    1. Electronic

    2. Metal

    3. Alt rock

    4. Rock/indie

    5. “Bit of everything, really”

    6. Pop

    7. Whatever’s on “Jools Holland”

  11. An artist you love?

    1. Olly Murs

    2. Judas Priest

    3. Kings Of Leon

    4. Regina Spektor

    5. Nick Cave

    6. The Vaccines

    7. Tiesto

Which Festival Personality Are You?

  1. You got:


    You rock. Festival fripperies like posh food and poetry tends do not appeal. You just want to throw down to the heaviest bands on the planet.

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