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Take A Tour Of The New Myspace

1. This is the landing page you’re taken to when you log in.

2. It features a horizontal “stream” that acts as the main newsfeed.

3. Similarly to Twitter, you can connect to users and users can choose to connect with you back.

4. Photo albums are called “mixes.”

6. And you can upload your own music.

7. But you can also search their library and “connect” with songs like you would other users.

8. At the bottom of the screen is a music player.

9. There’s a “Discover” button that brings you to editorial content.

10. Apparently written by Myspace staff.

11. There’s also a new chat feature.

12. There’s a radio setting.

13. And a section that organizes music videos.

14. So what do you think? Could you see yourself posting on New Myspace?

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