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The Man Behind The Idiotic #MealyMouthed Muslim Tweets Has Been Arrested

The world became a sadder place yesterday, as the news broke of more senseless deaths at the hands of ISIS.

What made it even worse, was some numpty from Croydon deciding to blame all Muslims for the terror attacks. It makes sense, you see, because as we all know, every Catholic was behind the IRA and every German thought Hitler was doing the right thing in the Second World War…

If you didn’t already think that, then the above should make you realise how silly an idea it is that all Muslims are behind ISIS. Anyway, clearly no one had told Twitter user Matthew P. Doyle that when he decided to confront a lady (who just happened to be Muslim) and asked her to explain Brussels yesterday.

Not the geography or directions, but the actions of a bunch of terrorists. His tweet went viral, with the #mealymouthed with some classic responses:

Anyway, thankfully, the nutter has been arrested with Scotland Yard saying,

“We have arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media.He was arrested tonight at an address in Croydon and remains in custody at a south London police station.”

Before you start saying, come on, it’s just one tweet, have a read of some of the other rubbish he’s been spouting:

It’s almost like his accounts been hacked. That would be the only acceptable explanation.

The only good thing to come from Matthew P. Doyle? The reconnaissance of the word mealy mouthed, which I plan to use at least twice a day from now on…

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