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Don’t Burn Your House Down. Learn These 13 Microwavable No-Nos And Save Yourself From Disaster.

Ever wonder why things say “microwavable safe” and some don’t? It’s not entirely clear because that machine is a bag of scientific mysteries. Have no fear, casual reader, here’s a microwave cheat sheet that’ll make you look like the digital Iron Chef…

1. Chinese Take Out Containers: Many people forget that although the box is made from cardboard, the odd metal handle is a huge fire hazard.

2. Eggs: I’m not sure where people got the bright idea to make hard boiled eggs in the microwave, but it’s a rookie mistake. The rapid heat from the microwaves creates a lot of steam in the egg. The steam has nowhere to go… so it explodes.

3. Lunch Bags: Paper and plastic bags should never be put in the microwave. They can emit toxic fumes and light on fire.

4. Styrofoam Containers: Everyone should know this by now, but styrofoam is plastic and will likely leek into your food when microwaved.

5. Red Sauce Without A Lid: See picture. Ugh.

6. Yogurt Containers: Designed for one time use only. They aren’t equipped to be microwaved because it will warp the container and even melt some of the toxic plastic into your food.

7. Fruit: Most fruit will explode or burn in the microwave. Don’t believe me? Throw a grape in and see what happens.

8. Hot peppers: They may burn while in the microwave, but the real danger is when you open it up and they pop in your face. No one wants pepper juice in the eyes!

9. Travel Mugs: Is it stainless steel? Then don’t put it in.

10. Plates With Metallic Trim: The name says it all: metal is a no-no.

11. Plastic Storage Containers: Bottom line, if it doesn’t say microwaveable safe, don’t use it.

12. Aluminum Foil: It’s metal and it’ll start a fire.

13. Nothing: Without anything to focus the microwaves on, you will literally cause the microwave to cook itself and self-destruct. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Beware if you want spicier peppers.  Find out why by clicking next page below.

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