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Confused deer runs amok in a busy church

At Colonial Baptist in Cary, NC…

(via Arbroath)

From the story as told by the church’s head of security

It started around 4:00, Monday afternoon, when two deer emerged from the wooded area behind Colonial and moved toward the picnic tables underneath the portico. They appeared to be interested in some leftovers they spotted left by a noon lunch group.

Startled by parents picking up their kids dismissing from Basketball Camp, one deer crashed through a plate glass window into the entry area of the church hallway—in a flash, the deer escaped, crashing through another window into the courtyard.

Only seconds after the first, a second deer entered through the broken window and darted through the Worship Center—with kids, parents, and baby carriages moving like the Running of the Bulls in Barcelona, Spain.

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1 comment for “Confused deer runs amok in a busy church

  1. Dan
    November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Love it – though I think he meant Pamplona.

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