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There’s A New Guacamole-Themed Restaraunt And No, It Doesn’t Cost Extra

Calling all guacamole lovers!

Today is your lucky day. Im so honored to be the one to introduce you to your new favorite restaurant, Guac.

The New York City restaurant will be opening on September 16, which also happens to be National Guacamole Day. Hooray!

The menu features 11 different types of guacamole.

I honestly wouldnt know which one to go for first. From guac with bacon bits to mangos to Spanish olives, there are enough variations to please anyone.

And if you cant choose just one, theres also an option to sample THREE AT ONCE.

Of course, you can also get the traditional guacamole. But why would you? Dont be boring.

Although guacamole is the main attraction, it isnt the only thing on the menu. Guac also offers traditional Mexican fare, like tacos, fajitas and burritos.

They also have some pretty interesting twists on what youd normally see ata typical Mexican restaurant in New York City, like the fried avocado salad and guac nachos.

The best part? Guacamole and avocado are not extra on any of the appetizers or main dishes. Hallelujah.

Oh, and they have churros.

Just in case you cant tell, I plan on heading to Guac the first chance I get (like this weekend or, quite possibly, during my lunch break today).

My only question is, how come no one hasthought of this before?

Eating all of that guacamole probably makes people thirsty, but Guac has you covered with 10 different types of tequila.

You really cant go wrong with tequila and guacamole.

This place could easily become your new happy hour spot,especially because they host it daily from 4 pm to 7pm.

Is this a restaurant, or just my personal heaven?

Im sorry, but what is Chipotle?

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