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Ross Turnbull’s Two Year Old Scores Goal In Front Of Crowded Stadium

Goalkeeper Ross Turnbull‘s two-year-old son Josh has become an instant viral video sensation! While Paulo Ferreira spoke to the Stamford Bridge after the final match of the season, little Josh in his own adorable toddler uniform dribbled the ball down towards the goal. The crowd’s cheers grew and grew until Joshy finally kicked the ball in, causing the crowd to go…

1960′s Hover Scooter

Vintage video channel BritishPathe brings us this classic clip from the 1960′s of a new vehicle invention. They appropriately call it the ‘hover scooter’ as it’s a mix of a hover craft and motor scooter.  The video is featured on Gizmodo and Devour.    Read more:

Caste still biggest matchmaker – Times of India

Living in a world that is increasingly shrinking because of the internet, greater exposure and modern means of communication does not seem to have any impact on this aspect of life. Most families still prefer marrying within their own castes and communities, reveal marriage bureaux and even those operating modern-day matrimonial websites. Read more: