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A Bully Urged Her To Die So She Hatched A Plan And Invited Her Whole School To Participate

What a positive role model this teenager is for her peers and for us adults. I love that her city backed her up. Caitlin put together this compilation of people from all around Canada who are now passing around their own positive Post-Its. Read more:

The One Where A Teen Has Hundreds Of Shoes And Does Something Ridiculously Cool With Them

As a young kid, Nicholas visited homeless shelters with his mom. He saw how much not having shoes that fit properly affected the kids: They couldn’t participate in sports, missed school, and felt badly about themselves. So before he was even a teenager, Nicholas did something about it. Read more:

At First, I Thought These Kids Were In Trouble. To This Cop, They're A Joy.

Foster care is supposed to be a place where kids can get help, recover from past trauma, and maybe begin to trust adults again. For these kids, it was the opposite, and it was a nightmare. Until Detective Jack Mook came along. Read more:

A Frightening Bully Tried To Mess With One Young Farmer, But She's Not Havin' It

At first glance, I was all, “Awww cute animals! Charming landscape!” But when I heard what TransCanada is planning to build right through that charming landscape, my reaction was more: Be sure to stick around past 0:46 to see more adorable anim… I mean, to hear about the farmers’ inspiring story of resistance. Seriously though.…