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These Recently Uncovered Ancient Texts Show What A Normal Day In Rome Was Like 2,000 Years Ago

Earlier this month, a team of researchers from Britains Southampton University unearthed a previously undiscovered ancient Roman settlement containing a library of scrolls that provide incredible insight into what life was like for Roman citizens 2,000 years ago. Here are some of the major takeaways, with relevant excerpts from the texts. Prepare to take a…

Planetary Resources – Asteroid Mining Mission

Planetary Resources has created a buzz in the tech and nerd circles with their latest video that has gone viral. They very seriously, and humbly, state they are on a mission to begin mining in space for resources, beginning with asteroids close to Earth. Read more on CBS12, USAToday, and WashingtonPost.    Read more:

Octopus Walks Out Of Water Onto Land At Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

This video was posted in June, but just went viral now after being posted on BoingBoing. At the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in California an octopus shocked guests when it literally walked out of the water onto the moist wetlands. The scene just screams evolution.    Read more:

Check Out This Fabric That Changes With Sound

It’s even better than those color-changing shirts from the ’90s. 1. Chromosonic is an futuristic textile that pulses color when sound plays. View this image › Chromosonic / Via Invented by Hungarian textile designer Judit Eszter Karpati, the fabric is silk-screened with a dye that changes with temperature and heats up from the wires…

Static Dripping Water Stroboscopic Illusion

This month old video just went viral this morning after being featured on Reddit. Using a stroboscopic illusion created with the sound waves of a speaker, mrbibio seems to have stumbled upon water that stands still in space and time. Of course, it’s dripping like normal, but our eyes and mind perceive it as static. We don’t get it either.   …