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Taylor Swift Had An ‘Emotional Roller Coaster’ Of A Night With Martha Hunt

Taylor Swift has us fooled, my friends. The real culprit behind the songwriters emotional distress isnt Calvin Harris or Tom Hiddleston. Its her cat Meredith. Last night, we got an inside look into Taylors NYC apartmentwhere the singers bff Martha Hunt bonded with Mer, andSwift was overwhelmed withfeelings. We watched herInstagram story as she filmed…

1980′s Aerobic Workout Video Perfectly Syncs Up With ‘Shake It Off’

Ahh, the late 1980′s, it was a great time. One popular fad back then was aerobic workout videos. Some genius found an interesting coincidence while going through some old tapes. He found that this aerobics video perfectly synced up with Taylor Swift’s new hit song Shake It Off. It’s perfect!    Thanks Yosef! Read more: