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A Simple Joke About A Super Obvious Problem In Hollywood Said In A Refreshingly Sly Way

Things certainly can mean different things to different people, and when you first hear this joke in the sixth episode of Mindy Kaling’s funnilicious show, you don’t think twice about a deeper meaning. But… if there are billions of brown girls all over the world (including America), why is it so rare for one to…

Our Privacy Is Being Sold Like Cheap Goods, And Who's Involved Might Come As A Surprise

By now, a lot of us have learned that the NSA has access to a lot of information about us. But it seems the Internet privacy issue is an even larger problem than most people know. In fact, some of you might be shocked to know who else is involved. Read more:

He And His Friends Wanted Some Beer, So They Asked A Homeless Guy To Buy It. Then Came The Message.

Ben Grenrock has struggled with chronic depression, but he’s lucky to have a supportive family and access to the treatment he needs. This compelling story draws attention to all the young people who aren’t nearly as lucky as Ben. Read more:

Her Legs May Be The First Part You Notice About Her, But She'd Rather They Not Be The Last

When it comes to stuffing our identity into those tiny little boxes on forms, I always wonder: How does knowing someone’s race, sex, or disability status really help in the grand scheme of things? According to this fierce woman, it doesn’t. Read more:

The Martin Luther King Quotes You’ve Never Heard Because They Shatter The Sterilized Version Of Him

Now of course, this video is meant to be satirical, but it does end on an incredibly truthful note: “Let’s not sanitize a great forward-thinking man into a our nation’s feel-good corporate diversity coach. This MLK day, share ‘The Deep Cuts.’ Because there’s no better way to honor a great man’s legacy than actually knowing…

No Matter What You Think About Intervening In Syria, Here’s One Voice You Should Hear Out

Whether or not you think the U.S. should intervene in Syria’s bloody, protracted conflict, I guarantee that you’ll appreciate this measured, well-reasoned take. My favorite part? When he challenges the folks who agree with him at 3:10. // Read more:

A Former U.S. Prison Chief Visits A Norwegian Jail. He Cannot Believe What He Sees.

The point here is not so much that one system is obviously better than the other, but that the way we run prisons in the U.S. is not the only way to do it. // At this point, you might have the same reaction. To be honest, I did. But maybe the Norwegian system isn’t…

A Science Teacher Ate McDonald's For 3 Months And Lost Weight. Here's What That Proved.

Sometimes you don’t get the full story when something makes the Internet rounds. With the guy who lost weight while only eating McDonald’s, it seems like we’re focusing too much on the shock value of McDonald’s and not enough on what this guy actually did. Find out below. // For stories that really are about…

What Does Our Anxiousness To Check Our Phones Say About The World?

We live in a world where people often get more connected to their phones and computers than their friends and family. So as the amount of technology and information we have access to increases, how can we use it for good … instead of just falling into a state of global ADD? Read more: