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These Dogs Can't Really Help What They're Doing To People, But The Right People Can

The dog may be “man’s best friend,” but not for people who are forced to live in fear of a dog bite turning their lives upside down. Good thing for health heroes like Dr. Miranda, working to keep them right-side up. Read more:

Something Terrifying Is Happening Inside This Abandoned Building In Eastern Europe

When it comes to urban exploration, learning the histories of targeted locations is important so that you can get some context for what you’re seeing. But sometimes, not knowing is much better. Redditor tylerpaduraru was exploring an abandoned facility in Lithuania when he started noticing signs of occult activity that should’ve convinced him to get…

Rescue Efforts To Catch Critically Endangered Porpoise Result In Death Of Female

The last-ditch attempt to save the world’s most endangered cetacean has hit a stumbling block. After making history by catching two individuals, the conservation team tasked with trying to establish a captive breeding population reported that the adult female caught had unfortunately died. Those involved are devastated by the outcome, reporting that she had “suffered complications”, but…