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A Murphy Bed Is A Thing You Don't Know You Need … Here's An Apartment With 3 Of Them

We all know we have too much stuff around. Lots of us have forgotten what we have in storage. We’ve all got that box we moved from apartment to apartment without even unpacking. Graham Hill asks, “Why?” He’s more extreme than I am — after all, he trusted strangers from the Internet to design his…

These Filmmakers Went Somewhere They Were NOT Welcome, And What They Captured Others Should Let Go

It’s fast-paced, action-packed, and visually stunning. It’s better than “The Avengers”! (Or so I say.) In any case, this is not your average save-the-whales video. P.S. If you think nothing can ever be better than “The Avengers” (and that is a great movie, BTW), you can still feel OK about thinking this is awesome (and…

Clean Hands Can Help Prevent Disease, But Get A Load Of This Crap

India has the second-largest population in the world, but only half of them have access to a toilet. Oy. That means at least 620 million — almost double the population of the United States — must do their business outside in the open. Are you like, “That’s really disgusting and must smell terrible”? Because I’m…

Drink It, Eat It, Wear It, Just Don't Grow It — It's Illegal! (And It Shouldn't Be.)

OK, OK. You can’t smoke hemp — well, you can but you’ll just get a headache. But you can build a house with it, make beautiful clothes with it, and improve your health too. It’s a crazy-useful plant that’s good for the environment. George Washington farmed it, but we don’t grow it in the U.S.…

I Don't Think Anyone Told This Dude Icebergs Flip Over. 'Cause If They Did, Would He Live On One?

I suppose drastic times really do call for drastic measures. The first part of this short video is full of some startling and important facts. But be sure to stick around for the end, because that’s where things get kind of exciting. Read more:

People Should Know About This Awful Thing We Do, And Most Of Us Are Simply Unaware

While I was watching this, I really couldn’t believe the wave of emotion that came over me. A film this simple, beautiful, and heartbreaking comes along so rarely — and to get its point across, we hardly need to hear a word. Please share this if you think people should know about this. Read…

Being The Smallest Is Very Bad In This Case. It Means You're Gonna Be The First One To Drown.

You know how your parents used to say, “I don’t want to hear it. Life’s not fair!” when you’d whine about something being unfair? Well, in this case, life really isn’t fair. Let’s work together to turn this around. Read more:

These Canadians Seem To Have A Better Sense Of America's Mistakes Than Americans Do

Some background: In 1989, the Exxon Valdez ran aground and dumped over 10 million gallons of oil into Alaska’s Prince William Sound. Meanwhile, it looks as though poet T.S. Eliot was pretty close to the mark. “This is the way the world ends: not with a bang but a REALLY awkward phone call.” Read more:

A Frightening Bully Tried To Mess With One Young Farmer, But She's Not Havin' It

At first glance, I was all, “Awww cute animals! Charming landscape!” But when I heard what TransCanada is planning to build right through that charming landscape, my reaction was more: Be sure to stick around past 0:46 to see more adorable anim… I mean, to hear about the farmers’ inspiring story of resistance. Seriously though.…