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A Simple Joke About A Super Obvious Problem In Hollywood Said In A Refreshingly Sly Way

Things certainly can mean different things to different people, and when you first hear this joke in the sixth episode of Mindy Kaling’s funnilicious show, you don’t think twice about a deeper meaning. But… if there are billions of brown girls all over the world (including America), why is it so rare for one to…

Her Legs May Be The First Part You Notice About Her, But She'd Rather They Not Be The Last

When it comes to stuffing our identity into those tiny little boxes on forms, I always wonder: How does knowing someone’s race, sex, or disability status really help in the grand scheme of things? According to this fierce woman, it doesn’t. Read more:

KONY 2012 Part II: Whoa! You Actually Let Ugandans Speak This Time

Last month, the Invisible Children released the world’s most viral social media video of all-time: “Kony 2012”. Now, they’ve released “Kony 2012: Part II — Beyond Famous”, responding to critics (somewhat) and continuing their quest to capture the International Criminal Court indicted war criminal, Joseph Kony. Will you do more than just watch this time?…

This Is How A Tragedy Like The Ottawa Shooting Should Be Reported. I Want To Hug This Reporter.

In covering terrible tragedies such as the one that happened in Ottawa on Wednesday, the news needs to stop focusing on the shooter. That’s not to say we should completely ignore the seriousness of the event, just that we need to focus on everything else surrounding it as well. Instead of delving into the “mind…

This Actress Will Make You Laugh, But The Photoshop Job Hollywood Pulled On Her Will Make You Cry

Apparently, 20th Century Fox didn’t like the way the hilarious and insanely talented Melissa McCarthy looked in real life, so the marketing department took it upon themselves to Photoshop away about 30 pounds of her for the official movie poster. Unneeded, unwanted, and totally disgusting. Read more:

Actors ≠ Supermodels — An Explainer By The Glorious Emma Thompson

Ah, wonderful wonderful Emma Thompson. Is there no wrong you can do? Fierce activist against human trafficking, brilliant actor, and now a vocal protester against her industry’s double standards — especially in the last gif below. It’s just a great example of a bad-ass woman standing up for something she believes in. It’s worth noting…