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A$AP Rocky Speaks Out Against Gay Discrimination

View this image › View this image › View this image › 4. Watch the clip… Video available at: 5. Watch the 10 minute doc produced for Channel 4 in the UK available at: 6. LINK H/T Nah Right Read more:

The 5 Possible Feelings You Will Have After The “Grey’s Anatomy” Finale

You are most likely still trying to mentally process Arizona’s actions in the last episode. View this image › And no matter what happens between them, tonight will be a rough ride: Jessica Capshaw @JessicaCapshaw Follow Who are you all watching the #greysanatomy finale with tomorrow night? Your friend Tequila or your friend Vino?…

Tom Daley Has Found A New Way Out

View this image › Clive Rose / Getty Images Out celebrities are symbols as much as they are people. And in a year in which sports culture and LGBT athletes have received unprecedented attention both for breakthroughs and barriers, Olympic diver Tom Daley is well on his way to becoming the next out icon. There’s…

The 10 Queerest Disney Movies

10. Hercules (1997) View this image › Disney There’s something rather gay about Disney’s Hercules — and that’s ignoring the fact that his classic mythological counterpart had numerous relations with men. There’s also the god Hades, camped up in the fashion of so many Disney villains. He sure does seem fixated on that oiled-up muscle…