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Everything I Want Miley Cyrus To Hear About Herself, From The Last TV Host I Expected

Wendy Williams says what I have been waiting for someone to say about Miley Cyrus’ recent image change. While articles about slut-shaming and her very sexualized performance at the VMAs flooded everyone’s news feeds, very few people seemed to be talking about the massive amount of cultural appropriation that ran rampant in Miley’s performance and…

A Hollywood Actor Wants People To Stop Denying A Certain Controversial Issue

These days, Tony Goldwyn is best known as Fitz Grant, the ethically challenged POTUS in the popular TV show “Scandal.” He may only play a politician on TV, but his interest in politics is becoming a more prominent theme of his work. He’s directing a new show called “The Divide,” a fictional story that delves…

An Amazing, Exciting, Fantastic New Way To Finally Get Older Children Adopted Into Loving Homes

Most parents who adopt want to adopt babies, which means the odds of finding a family keep going down for kids as they get older. Different places try to help these older kids in different ways, but there’s nothing like a forever family, right? That’s what makes this promising new “hosting” program so exciting. Read…

He And His Friends Wanted Some Beer, So They Asked A Homeless Guy To Buy It. Then Came The Message.

Ben Grenrock has struggled with chronic depression, but he’s lucky to have a supportive family and access to the treatment he needs. This compelling story draws attention to all the young people who aren’t nearly as lucky as Ben. Read more:

How To Make A BuzzFeed Quiz

View this image › BuzzFeed 2. Hi BuzzFeeders! In the past, quizzes could only be created by BuzzFeed Staff. Starting TODAY, Community members can make quizzes as well! If you’re not already a member of the BuzzFeed Community, you can sign up for an account here. Please note that Community Brand Publishers are not allowed…

What’s Your “How We Met” Story?

Falling in love: a universal experience that’s never the same twice. View this image › Paramount Pictures / Via Maybe you knew the moment you saw her… View this image › Focus Features Or perhaps it took months to realize he was “the One.” View this image › FOX / Via Maybe he…

Do You Know The Silly Reason Why America Put A Man On The Moon? Do You Know Why We Stopped Going?

Neil deGrasse Tyson is more than just an excellent tour guide through the cosmos — he’s a true voice for our endangered space program. In this piece, he reminds us how our passion for space missions began and makes a compelling case that we must not abandon our quests and dreams. Let us renew our…

A Bully Urged Her To Die So She Hatched A Plan And Invited Her Whole School To Participate

What a positive role model this teenager is for her peers and for us adults. I love that her city backed her up. Caitlin put together this compilation of people from all around Canada who are now passing around their own positive Post-Its. Read more:

The One Where A Teen Has Hundreds Of Shoes And Does Something Ridiculously Cool With Them

As a young kid, Nicholas visited homeless shelters with his mom. He saw how much not having shoes that fit properly affected the kids: They couldn’t participate in sports, missed school, and felt badly about themselves. So before he was even a teenager, Nicholas did something about it. Read more: