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These Dogs Can't Really Help What They're Doing To People, But The Right People Can

The dog may be “man’s best friend,” but not for people who are forced to live in fear of a dog bite turning their lives upside down. Good thing for health heroes like Dr. Miranda, working to keep them right-side up. Read more:

They're Just A Bunch Of Little Doodles In A Kid's Notebook. So Why Is It So Upsetting?

Note: This #UpChat has concluded, but don’t worry! You can check out our recap of the discussion below and here. This might not be news for some of you. For others, this might be the first time you’ve ever seen the facts on this issue. But this is real: Too many kids in the United…

If You Plan On Ever Getting Old And/Or Sick, You Need To See This

So this is the kind of change Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan feel we so desperately need — paying more money for less health care and fewer years of coverage. You know … freedom. If corporations are people, does that mean we can take away their money when they get old too? Read more:

Clean Hands Can Help Prevent Disease, But Get A Load Of This Crap

India has the second-largest population in the world, but only half of them have access to a toilet. Oy. That means at least 620 million — almost double the population of the United States — must do their business outside in the open. Are you like, “That’s really disgusting and must smell terrible”? Because I’m…

He And His Friends Wanted Some Beer, So They Asked A Homeless Guy To Buy It. Then Came The Message.

Ben Grenrock has struggled with chronic depression, but he’s lucky to have a supportive family and access to the treatment he needs. This compelling story draws attention to all the young people who aren’t nearly as lucky as Ben. Read more:

A Science Teacher Ate McDonald's For 3 Months And Lost Weight. Here's What That Proved.

Sometimes you don’t get the full story when something makes the Internet rounds. With the guy who lost weight while only eating McDonald’s, it seems like we’re focusing too much on the shock value of McDonald’s and not enough on what this guy actually did. Find out below. // For stories that really are about…

Stopping HIV From Reproducing Is Vital To Ending Infection, And We’ve Done Just That

A team of scientists at University College London has developed a way to prevent HIV from disabling macrophages, important cells in the immune system that help to destroy infections. Although the finding is still new and requires further research to better understand its implications, the team believe that protecting HIV from reproducing inside these integral…

GIRL POWER: What Happens When Thousands Of Teen Girls Ask Seventeen To Stop Selling Them Out?

I thought this would get some attention, but this is above and beyond. Back in April, SPARKteam member and all-around cool girl Julia Bluhm asked Seventeen to post one unaltered photo spread a month. Then, SPARK teamed up with Miss Representation, LoveSocial,, and I Am That Girl for the #KeepItReal campaign, and thousands of people…

Hard To Believe The Woman At The End Of This Video Is The Same Woman As At The Beginning

I’m grateful this brave woman allowed cameras in to record her when she started taking anti-retroviral drugs. What they caught on tape was truly remarkable. Every time I watch it I go right back to the beginning, because, wow. Update! Here’s a shot of Selinah before her treatment began: And after: What a difference! Read…

She Thought It Was An Abortion Clinic. What It Actually Is Made My Blood Boil.

“We want to look professional. We want to look business-like. And yeah, we do kind of want to look medical.” Will you share this story? This is a practice so shocking that everyone needs to know about it. Read more: