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Puppy Rides Fun Slide at Fair Gypsy the dog was excited to go to the Beausejou Fair in Canada. She immediately ran to the fun slide, ran up the stairs, and rode down the slide multiple times. Read more:

Young Kickboxing Brothers Train Together in the Home A Kyrgyz family coached each other on kickboxing techniques in their living room. ?Despite their young age, these brothers have competed in?tournaments?and have won awards. ?The kids worked on their punching and kicking strategies. Read more:

Community Post: Prepare To Start Chanting “U-S-A” Uncontrollably

1. Prepare To Start Chanting “U-S-A” Uncontrollably Video available at: This video makes me proud to put a little green towards our red, white and blue. And also proud enough to start hollering “U-S-A” in the middle of my office after watching. Read more: