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FilmLadd compares Hamas to the Mafia!/FilmLadd/status/491065155368026113 Pretty decent analogy but it could get you put on some bad people’s lists.!/The_Real_Joey_B/status/491065501532319745!/JUSTINEMEE/status/491066983446630400 Apparently. *** Related Comedian Rob Schneider condemns ‘ugly inhuman siege’ of Gaza   Read more:

Rajnath heads to J&K for more talks, reluctance to involve Hurriyat slammed – Times of India

Home minister Rajnath Singh will begin a two-day visit to Srinagar on Wednesday that will see him hold a fresh review of the situation in Jammu & Kashmir, and hold a second round of meetings with the state’s various stakeholders to hear their grievances and suggestions. Read more:

Kia Nail Art Commercial

Using 1,200 bottles of nail polish, Kia took 25 days creating stop animation slides on finger nails. After drawing on each 900 nail for two hours each, they had created the very first car commercial animation all drawn on nails for their new Kia Picanto car. The commercial is featured on YouTubeTrends.    Read more:…

Guy Tries to Do a Backflip in the Woods This guy thought he was talented enough to demonstrate how to properly do a backflip. However, he quickly learned he wasn’t the case?when he landed on his stomach instead of his feet. Read more:

Poll shows Akin down, McCaskill tries Jedi Mind Trick, ‘No, you’re fine’!/clairecmc/status/238690365450878976 Oh, good grief. Sneaky, heal thyself. Senator McCaskill’s attempt at reverse psychology is incredibly lame; is she trying for yet another terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day? What Rasmussen poll is the Democrat Missouri senator trying, and failing, to discredit? Oh, only the one that has her now up by ten over Rep. Akin.…

Alert Al Gore: 34 inches of snow in upstate NY; 10 inches in VT [photos]!/lsesalter/status/338875090395602944!/stevecoplon/status/338869799666978816 Brrrrr! While most Americans slathered on the sunscreen and fired up their grills, upstate New Yorkers and New Englanders took to the slopes or fired up their…fireplaces.!/AnthonyFarnell/status/338836492271099905!/shanallan1/status/338759548221419520!/kelsey_somethin/status/338706780714565632!/lisakenny1/status/338856255491825664 Paging Al Gore …!/ButchM737/status/338850520892588032!/STLconservative/status/338791854902480896 The upside to a winterized Memorial Day weekend? Snow cones with real snow!!/MadisonPerry/status/338849667372703744 Read more:…