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Quick Watermelon Smoothie Hack

Happy Labor Day! To celebrate the last holiday of the summer, YouTuber Mark Rober has just debuted this new video demonstrating how to make a Quick Watermelon Smoothie. After cutting a small whole into a watermelon, Mark used a metal hanger as an elaborate drill bit to ‘slushify’ the watery fruit in just seconds!    Read more:…

2012 Told Through Twitter

The new world truly is a magical place. Just a few years ago, a concept like this video didn’t even exist. But now, people like Jeremiah JW can sift through hundreds of millions of public comments and posts from people around the world all found on one website. Twitter.  To close the last year, he created…

Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic Covered Using Floppy Drives

Of all the music genres to cover using the physical sounds made from of his old computer floppy drives, the futuristic sound of Daft Punk seems most appropriate. And that’s exactly who MrSolidSnake745 covered in his latest video. Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic may actually sound better with the choppy sound of 90′s technology than its original digital rendering.    Read…

Planetary Resources – Asteroid Mining Mission

Planetary Resources has created a buzz in the tech and nerd circles with their latest video that has gone viral. They very seriously, and humbly, state they are on a mission to begin mining in space for resources, beginning with asteroids close to Earth. Read more on CBS12, USAToday, and WashingtonPost.    Read more:

Amazing Yo-Yo Tablecloth Trick

Here’s a yo-yo trick you’ve most likely never seen before. Japanese yo-yo master Black combined the classic table cloth trick with his impressive yo-yo skills. The results are awesome, and are featured on BlameItOnTheVoices, TheAwesomer, 22Words, and VideoGum.    Read more:

Men Do Makeup With Michelle Phan

Make up gurus are huge on YouTube, and Michelle Phan is one of the top in the field. As a fun gag, three men of Mashable attempted to follow Phan’s instructions for smokey eye shadow. Already, the video has garnered over 400,000 hits over the weekend.    Read more:

The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

This trailer for AMC’s popular drama The Walking Dead Season 4 which aired at Comic-Con has turned out to be one of the most popular videos of the weekend. The popular promotion already stands with over 4 million views.    Read more:

Neil deGrasse Tyson Calls Bill Nye During Florida State University Lecture

As all nerds know, web famous astro-physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is good friends with equally prominent scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy, but who knew they were such close friends? While giving a lecture at Florida State University, a student asked Neil a question concerning Bill Nye. That’s when Neil admitted that Bill is “his closest friend” of…

Baby Uses iPad

This video is from 2010 and was barely seen until recently. Now it has gone completely viral. People love babies, and people love iPad. A baby using an iPad is just pure gold. Maybe the fact that a baby can use an iPad so well just proves that Apple products are made for babies. Does…