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Baby Uses iPad

This video is from 2010 and was barely seen until recently. Now it has gone completely viral. People love babies, and people love iPad. A baby using an iPad is just pure gold. Maybe the fact that a baby can use an iPad so well just proves that Apple products are made for babies. Does…

Bladerunner In 60 Seconds

The animated speed-run masters of 1A4STUDIO have debuted their latest movie in 60 seconds adaption over the weekend. In just one minute they convey the entire story of the 1982 dystopian science fiction thriller Bladerunner for a new generation to enjoy.    Read more:

Static Dripping Water Stroboscopic Illusion

This month old video just went viral this morning after being featured on Reddit. Using a stroboscopic illusion created with the sound waves of a speaker, mrbibio seems to have stumbled upon water that stands still in space and time. Of course, it’s dripping like normal, but our eyes and mind perceive it as static. We don’t get it either.   …

Ask A Slave

The brand new web series Ask A Slave was created by Jordan Black who works as a living history character at the historical site George Washington’s Mount Vernon. As the NYU grad has heard more than her fair share of ridiculous questions while playing the role of a slave for George Washington, she decided to make her own web series…

Why Are Tortoises So Slow

The Tortoise is known as one of the slowest animals in the animal kingdom. It even stars in a famous children’s story, The Tortoise And The Hare. But why are they so slow? Craig of Wheezy Waiter and Mental Floss explains that because they eat plants, and can simply hide from predators in their shells they have…

Realistic Hulk Costume Is Impressive

Nicholas Young built this impressive Hulk costume for Halloween in 2012, but this clip has only gone viral now with over 200,000 new views. Of course, the costume is missing pants, but does the Hulk really need pants? That is the question…   Read more:

10 Bets That You Never Lose Part 10

Why stop when you have a winning formula? Richard Wise of Quirkology is back with yet another episode of his Amazing Bets That You Never Lose series.  This time, he demonstrates how to pick up two glasses with a balloon, how to trick your friends with a magic multi-color marker, and more.    Read more:

How Harry Houdini Died

Harry Houdini is still one of the most famous magicians, best known for inconceivably cheating death countless times.  He eventually died, not from one of his tricks, but from a punch to the gut. But there is still much mystery surrounding his passing.  Smarter Every Day attempts to get to the bottom of the story in…

Man Extracts 50,000 Bees From Home Wall

Larry Chen noticed a swarm of bees outside his window, an irregular occurrence. He contacted Mike The Bee Man (, and after further inspection, a thriving, buzzing bee hive was discovered.  The extraction process took five hours, and offers the chance to learn more about our pollinating friends. The video is featured on YouTubeTrends.    Read more:

1960′s Hover Scooter

Vintage video channel BritishPathe brings us this classic clip from the 1960′s of a new vehicle invention. They appropriately call it the ‘hover scooter’ as it’s a mix of a hover craft and motor scooter.  The video is featured on Gizmodo and Devour.    Read more:

Color Me Rad Running In Colors

Popular remix artist devinsupertramp grabbed his cameras and recorded some amazing footage from the color themed run, Color Me Rad. Naturally, his finished project has already started to trend.    Read more:

Canada Stops Making The Penny

CGPGrey went viral back in November with his video explaining why the penny was bad for America. It’s shocking when learned, but it actually costs the US government more than a penny to make a physical penny at the mint. Canada also had this problem, but they have finally decided to stop making the copper coin.   Read more: