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Men Do Makeup With Michelle Phan

Make up gurus are huge on YouTube, and Michelle Phan is one of the top in the field. As a fun gag, three men of Mashable attempted to follow Phan’s instructions for smokey eye shadow. Already, the video has garnered over 400,000 hits over the weekend.    Read more:

Best Fails Of November 2016

FailArmy put together their monthly “Worst of” the worst that people put on the internet. Again this one got over three million views very quick (even though it could have been a few or lot hurtful looking fails less in it if you ask me…). Read more:

Pug Goes Crazy In Ball Pit

You thought your kids go crazy in the ball pit? Just check out this adorable pug. Grover the pug absolutely freaks out during his first time in a ball pit. His owners simply filled his play pen with his favorite toys and a load of plastic colored balls. This is the hilarious result. Now, the…

Ask A Slave

The brand new web series Ask A Slave was created by Jordan Black who works as a living history character at the historical site George Washington’s Mount Vernon. As the NYU grad has heard more than her fair share of ridiculous questions while playing the role of a slave for George Washington, she decided to make her own web series…

Elders React To Justin Bieber

As is evident by this new Elders React video by The Fine Bros, even America’s seniors can’t escape the hoopla over Justin Bieber. But thankfully, they’ve been around the block enough times to recognize a vain and empty corporate produced pop star when they see one. Even the kind old elders can’t help but laugh when…

79 Common Mispronunciations

Isn’t it annoying when you hear someone mispronounce a seemingly simple and common word over and over? John Green of Mental Floss finds this common faux pas terribly obnoxious, so he has stepped forward to help end it. In his the newest episode of his weekly show, he explains and corrects 79 Common Mispronunciations. So can we all stop…

If Beer Commercials Were Honest Parody

NSFW  Let’s face it. Of all the lies and trickery in advertising, beer commercials stand in their own realm. That amazing party where everyone is good looking, smiling, hooking up, and drinking your favorite budget beer? Ya, you’re never gonna find that party because it doesn’t exist.  Humor site Cracked is sick of the breweries’ deception, so…

Dad Plays The Drums On Son’s Back

Talk about a drum beating! Music channel Atticus Avenue published this adorable video at the start of the week and it has already garnered over a quarter million hits! Dad keeps his drum skills up by letting out his energy on his cute son. By playing a beat on the boy’s back, a unique sound is created,…

Scaring French Kitchen Worker Compilation

French YouTuber NICOLAS HUSARD published this video on the First of July, and already is has accumulated over a quarter million hits.  The video features a French kitchen worker who is frightened by his coworker over and over until his pants have a permanent stain.   Read more: