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These Filmmakers Went Somewhere They Were NOT Welcome, And What They Captured Others Should Let Go

It’s fast-paced, action-packed, and visually stunning. It’s better than “The Avengers”! (Or so I say.) In any case, this is not your average save-the-whales video. P.S. If you think nothing can ever be better than “The Avengers” (and that is a great movie, BTW), you can still feel OK about thinking this is awesome (and…

‘If I’d Known Then What I Know Now’: Teachers Write Their Younger Selves A Letter

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time when we let those in our lives who teach our kids know how much we appreciate them. It’s in May each year, but how about we tell them right now, too? They could use the love and mental hugs anytime. Read more:

These Dogs Can't Really Help What They're Doing To People, But The Right People Can

The dog may be “man’s best friend,” but not for people who are forced to live in fear of a dog bite turning their lives upside down. Good thing for health heroes like Dr. Miranda, working to keep them right-side up. Read more:

This Baby Boy Falling Asleep Behind The Wheel Of A Toy Car Is All Of Us During Rush Hour Traffic

Long day at work, bud? 1. Fourteen-month-old James loves driving around in his toy car so much that he’ll even take it out for a spin during nap time. Video available at: Bryce and the Blood Ninjas / Via 2. But sometime sleep is good, buddy… View this image › Bryce and the…

25 Most Shocking Murders Ever Committed

Every single day, somebody gets murdered. Throughout the storied history of crime all over the world, there have been several cases of murder that have not only transcended headlines but have also shaken nations across the globe. Out of the thousands of murders committed in history, there are a few murder stories that have become…

Batgirl Gets Her Own Web Series

The new Batgirl: Spoiled web series brings much-deserved attention to Stephanie Brown, a character who is often considered a hidden gem of the DC Universe. “She was her own woman as Spoiler; then she was the only main continuity female Robin, and then she was Batgirl,” said Sean Carr, a loyal comic fan who writes…

The Only Thing Wrong In This Little Girl's World Is The People Who Won't Accept Her For Who She Is

I love to see a happy, well-adjusted childhood, don’t you? I encourage you to watch this whole interview because Jazz and her family are really quite lovely. Share this by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter buttons below. Read more:

When Is A Confession Not A Confession? When Someone Holds A Lighter To Your Private Parts.

Watch victims expose decades of police brutality and questionable legal practices in Northern Ireland.  Be sure to pay attention at 4:00 for a firsthand account of the brutality that led one victim to attempt suicide, only to be laughed at by his abusers. Read more: