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Students Shut Up Extremist Preacher With A Make Out Session

1. Ah, the crazy preacher lady. Doesn’t every campus have one?

2. This particular crazy preacher lady was filmed ranting at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo campus this week for over three hours:

3. The Youtube video caption reads:

So there was this crazy preacher lady yelling in the UU for 3 hours today, talking about how we’re all damned to hell and how we’re sinners but she’s a saint because she’s spreading the word of God (you know, the usual). She was just beginning a rant on traditional marriage and why gay people are evil when this happened.

4. Two boys decided to take a stand…

5. … with their faces:

6. Oh yes, they took a stand.

7. Hold on… still making a point:

8. Okay, point made. Needless to say, the preacher was speechless.

9. Watch it here:


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